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The new year of programme offerings is now on-line. From this year, we are making the transition to fully electronic communications, which means that if you want to save a copy, or print, our Public Education Programme bulletin, you may need Adobe Reader on your computer. 

We seem to have made a flawless transition to our new home downtown in the lower floor of the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto. Do come by and visit us when the library-office is open on Thursdays. Staff may also be there on other days, so do call or email ahead to see if another time can work for you.

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Robert Black
Jung and the East
Sat., Apr. 30

C. G. Jung had a high opinion of Eastern insights and what he called the "Eastern psyche" as he sought to understand the Unconscious and its expression in the human past. He drew on Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian and other notions to elucidate some of the deeper aspects of his topic. This offering explores some of these, including mandala, yoga, the Tao te Ching, I Ching and other topics covered in Volume 11 of the Collected Works. We will address Jung’s concern that some of what these traditions taught was inappropriate for the "less developed" Western mind. This is a preliminary exploration, and participants should feel free to raise their own insights in the time available.

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See all Lectures, Seminars and Workshops